How to Fix your Office Chair

How to Fix your Office Chair

Sadly, all office chairs are not created equal!  Some last forever and some just grind to a halt under the pressure of every day work.   So if your office chair is feeling like it’s on the way out – here are a few things to look out for if you want to fix your office chair:

Squeaky Office Chairs

As they get older (like us) things get a bit looser on your office chair. In most cases they are assembled with allen key headed bolts, and when you turn it over its worth having a look to see what is loose. Often there are missing or loose screws that need a good tighten up.  It’s usually something you can fix yourself in a few minutes.

No more gas lift

Less of a problem than it used to be, from time to time the gas lifts do fail in office chairs. Sometimes it’s the actual gas lift, sometimes it is the lever that has been yanked on way too hard trying to make it work. Whatever, the best solution is to bring the chair to us and we will identify the problem and in most cases we can fit a new lift in 24 hours and you are back in business.

Wonky or missing Chair castors

This is a really important Health and Safety issue. If you have a broken or missing castor, pull another one off – they are just a press fit, and bring it in.  We will probably have a replacement, or you can put the full set on. If a castor has fallen out, have a look at the fitting in the base, sometimes they are broken, and if that’s the case then unfortunately the best place is usually the jumbo bin.

Back Height adjustment fails

We see lots of this on older chairs. Often the knob has been lost or is simply loose. It’s a 50/50 call on whether to fix it or chuck the chair out.

Dirty or work out fabric

Unless it’s a very special chair – we suggest you find a jumbo bin and dump it. Re-upholstering chairs often leads to future problems because of the way the chair has to be taken apart and reassembled.

We have been selling chairs for 25 years. We can identify most chairs that are in service and quickly assess whether it is worth saving or time for a new one. So don’t hesitate to bring your old chair to Direct Office Furniture and we will sort it out for you.

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